It’s fantastically rewarding working with our clients helping them build ‘Financial Plans’ to take the guesswork out of their financial futures! For all our clients, we work together to put plans in place to ensure they live their desired lifestyles without the fear of ever running out of money. Our professional aim is to give more than just financial advice and help all clients achieve their unique potential by together developing their own bespoke financial life plan!

Latest testimonials

Bernard Rouse


Andy & the freedom team have advised me on my money since 1993 when I was a Marketing Director, when they first helped me with my pension investments. They have since guided me through the easing down to retirement with the development of a robust financial plan, which gave me the comfort of knowing that I had enough for my future, very reassuring! Since retirement plans have changed and Andy has helped me identify how much I can afford to give away. I can enjoy me legacy with confidence of knowing I have enough and IHT is minimised.

Alan Hewett


Andy is someone who immediately puts you at ease, and a good listener. I found him to be thorough and we went at our own pace, no pressure which was important. He and his team show you how to be confident in your financial plan and that it is alright to spend some of money without worrying about running out of money later on.

Les Owens

Business Owner

Trustland Limited

Andy has gone Into great detail In putting together a financial plan for me and my wife . His knowledge and expertise has helped us understand better an area that can be very confusing . He and his team have been diligent and efficient throughout and have kept us Informed every step of the way . We are very much at the beginning of our journey but Andy has given both my wife and myself the confidence that our money Is working better for us and that we can plan our future with more certainty . Andy’s calm and confident approach coupled with his and his teams knowledge and expertise has made us realise with the right planning we can realise our dreams.

Claire Spaven


My advisor, Andy Nevett, is very reassuring; he clearly knows his business and takes to explain all the options and examine the advantages and disadvantages of these options. He helps me to see my finances; both personal and business, in the short, medium and long term , taking an overview and exploring ways to achieve my financial goals. He advises me, rather than sells me a product. I value his services.

Ian Williamson


I had a meeting with Andy recently and considering our Comprehensive Financial Plan it was reassuring to know how much I need what my number is for the next 40 years! I know now that I can afford to retire early, stay in my lovely home, and still afford to travel and have the holidays that we really enjoy. Andy has helped me understand the new pension rules and how I can take a flexible income from my benefits to enjoy and spend the money when I want to.

Kevin Royle

We have been using Andy and his team for our financial advice for approximately 20 years. Andy provides a very professional and personal service and is always on hand to answer our questions and give the relevant advice. Andy has helped us to understand our attitude towards risk in our investments for the future and has made us aware of our financial goals. We are sure that without Andy’s expertise we would not be in the financial position we are in today.We would not hesitate to recommend Andy and his team.

Richard Waltham


Andy provides a transparency to the investment recommendations (and the process around) which in my experience is largely lacking by the wealth management (and/or private banking) arms of larger players in the financial services sector. At the same time, his recommended investment process is tangibly more robust than many of the other independent financial advisors I talked with. He is especially well equipped to tackle the “do I have enough money” question with advise/answers that bring the magnitude of one’s wealth into a meaningful perspective.

Justine Clowes


Andy takes all the hassle out of financial planning, after seeing him we felt confident that we had a plan, we know what we need to do now to be able to achieve the things that we want to achieve. Andy is really approachable and he takes time to find out what it is you want out do, and then helps you to plan how to get there.

John Hopwood


Andy has managed my pensions and investments for over 25 years. I trust him to make the right decisions to increase the value of my investments without taking unnecessary risks and this has proved to be true.

Pat Kirk


Nick is extremely good at explaining complicated things in simple language. He has endless patience and we always come away from meetings fully understanding what we have talked about. He never gives the impression of being in a hurry to get to his next client and always gives you the time you need. Nick is also extremely efficient at responding to queries emailed to him. He works extremely well with the staff who support him in managing our finances. I would have absolutely no doubt about recommending him to anyone.

Mary Harris


Nick is a good listener and has an excellent memory for details, reinforcing one’s confidence that his advice is personally tailored to each individual’s circumstances. He has taken on board my aspirations and preferences to produce a life plan which has set my mind at rest as far as my future security is concerned. By taking charge of my capital he has removed a huge burden of responsibility from me, and I am very pleased with the way his recommended investments are currently performing. He is always a pleasure to deal with.

Raymond & Patricia Kirby


We are pleased to recommend Nick Heys as a financial adviser, especially for clients in our circumstances. We are both retired, having worked for all our careers in the educational sector : and have two children with settled partners, and a growing number of grandchildren. On retirement, we were concerned to have the best possible ongoing advice re- the management of our savings and investments. Mr. Heys has been our financial adviser for more than five years. We are delighted with the service that he has provided. He has many relevant personal and professional qualities. We would particularly like to highlight his ability to instil total confidence in him from his clients – we believe this to be fundamental to fulfilling such a sensitive and challenging role. He is informed and knowledgeable about financial options and possibilities, their opportunities and potential pitfalls. He is superb at explaining apparently complicated subjects simply, clearly and comprehensibly to those that are less informed and knowledgeable. His judgements are sound, and he has enabled us to explore options and make financial decisions, based on evidence and likely future developments. Crucially, because of his advice, our financial position is now substantially better than it would have been without such advice. And we have been enabled to support our family in many practical and helpful ways. Mr. Heys has well-developed business acumen, an approachable and personable manner, and a wealth of experience in financial affairs. He is meticulous about keeping us up-to-date, responding quickly to enquiries, and keeping abreast of changing financial requirements and regulations. We appreciate all the assistance and support he has given to us and our family as a whole. We are sure he would provide similarly effective financial advice and assistance to other clients.

Mike Pogson

Nick has managed my ISA and pensions investments now for at least the last three years, and has been a significant factor in transforming what was an adequate service into what I now consider a first class service. The other factor being the tools that his company has put at Nick’s disposal.Nick is a very personable young man, and I actually enjoy my annual reviews, and the phone conversations in between. He is well qualified, conscientious and highly motivated to provide all the information and reports that I need to make decisions. I sleep well at nights knowing that my hard earned savings are being well looked after.

Paul Yarwood

We have been advised by Nick since October 2010 and have been very pleased with everything he has helped us with. As cautious investors he had explained and reassured us every step of the way and we have every confidence in his advice which is always given in a friendly manner. We would be happy to recommend him.

Deb Thompson

Nick has excellent attention to detail and is highly particular. This complements his highly organised and efficient approach to his work and makes me feel confident in his abilities and knowledge. His regular communication ensures I am never left in the dark and I also appreciate his desire to make a decision having carefully weighed up the options rather than spend time dwelling and reworking. I have known Nick a number of years both professionally and personally and hope to do so for many years to come.

Roy Pickford

Over the years that I have been Nick’s client I have found his services to be of a very high standard. He is very friendly and makes me feel at ease. He is very informative and gives good guidance. He explains everything very well. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Daria Renshaw


Nick listens to my concerns and addresses them. He explains things clearly and I feel confident to take his advice. He’s even taken the trouble to check one or two issues for me when I purchased a house last year.

Jim Skidmore


Nick has been really helpful, especially as we are approaching our retirement. His professional and enthusiastic approach has guided us through to making important decisions regarding our pension and ISA investments. His painstaking explanations of what we have always thought a complex matter has given us a lot more confidence in the lead up to our retirement and we both feel that we are dealing with an honest and trustworthy man.

John and Hilary Ellison


“Freedom Financial Planning sorted out my various pension arrangements and the assistance Nick gave me was very professional and speedy. He explained the options to me in a way that was easy to understand. I now feel much more confident about my situation and would not hesitate to recommend Freedom to any of my friends and family.”

Bill and Pat Lomas


Engineering Company

“We feel that Nick at Freedom Financial Planning has done a good job at helping us appreciate the actual value of our pensions and that we could seriously begin to plan our retirement instead of this just being a dream. Nick’s planning has given us the Freedom to do the things we’d always planned to do.”

Howard Jodrell


“Thanks to Nick’s financial planning advice I have been able to fulfill my lifetime dream of having my own house built abroad and I will now be able to benefit from this luxury whilst I am still relatively young.”

Norman & Pauline Mycock


“Now we are at the end of the second year, we realise it was all worth it, we can now see where we are going with our financial affairs.”

Retired Head Teacher

Rose Harrison

Retired Head Teacher

“I found the approach of Nick quite outstanding; he made me feel relaxed and talked about feelings, not just my money. I felt he had integrity and that it was important for him and the whole firm to deal with my situation properly.”

Alan Bagshaw

Lorell Photo and Office Centre

Alan wanted some freedom from the stressful family business to pursue his passions…

“Running a family business in this present economic climate is very demanding and stressful. One seems to run on auto pilot day after day. Nick Heys has opened our eyes to a bigger picture. His financial planning and guidance has ‘uncluttered’ a lot of grey areas …our quality of life has improved and our future is much clearer.”

“We are now making plans to downsize to a smaller home to release funds and also have better performing pensions so our future is much clearer.”

Nigel Spivey

Business Owner

Focal Exhibitions

From both a personal and business perspective we have established a good, trusting working relationship over the years. We value the advice that Freedom Financial Planning provides, along with the personal, yet comprehensive range of services. I was sceptical about the initial, in-depth review process, but now agree that it was a worthwhile exercise; provoking one to think hard about our future.”

Colin Jones

Distribution Services Business Owner

“However successful you may be in business making major changes in your life and planning your future can be much more difficult”.

“After many years of talking about changing our stressful and frantic lives we still had not managed to make any headway. Talking to Andy Nevett was the first step on a journey to explore what was really important in our lives and to develop our own wish list of where we wanted to get to. Working with a company that has expertise in both financial and lifestyle planning was key to driving eighteen months of change in all aspects of our lives.”

Mark Boyle

Mark Boyle

Managing Director and Business Owner

Active Business Communications

Mark approached Freedom Financial Planning to use our professional expertise to help him establish an employee benefits package that would cement his relationship with his staff. He also wanted a tax efficient way to extract money from his business and save for retirement at age sixty.

“Previously, I was unsure who to turn to from a financial services perspective as my only previous experience with IFAs were advisors that wanted to ram as many products as possible at you so they earned maximum commission.  Also I didn’t want to deal with a huge company like a bank “

“Our business has used Nevett & Taylor (Freedom Financial Planning’s parent company) for many years for our insurance and they had built a great reputation with us for offering honest and professional advice. To his credit I found that Nick delivered exactly the same level of honesty and professional advice for financial planning.  Our discussions with Nick has opened our eyes to a bigger picture, allowed us to look into the future and make informed decisions about what to do with our money and lives.”

Richard Eden-Green

National Sales Manager

British Starch

Richard wanted to know his number for winding down and could it be financed by part-time consultancy work…

Even if you know that you have significant savings, it is not easy to be sure that your future plans can be financed. Indeed unless you think carefully about what you want from your life, it really isn’t possible to steer your future in a sensible direction. Andy Nevett helped crystallise what we wanted from our lives and the detailed financial planning carried out by Freedom Financial Planning meant that I was confident that I could set off in a new direction. The lifetime analysis of cash flow that is a part of the financial planning process is particularly useful.

Len Smith

Len Smith

Former International Sales & Marketing Director

Mirrlees Blackstone Ltd.

Our relationship began by Andy providing a number-crunching service, aimed at navigating me through the complexities of retirement to best advantage, but it long ago became something much more personal, and over the years has generated many ideas about life-style and a realisation that this wonderful world has much more to offer than just survival.

I know of nothing more that Andy could do to help and guide someone without family to talk with, and with a sizeable portfolio. Although the annuity ambush has gone, his patience and perseverance in navigating me through a worrisome time were exemplary. His continuing advice now, and sound financial, and life-style, advice are of a high quality, and I respect him enormously. Although I know that I am not his only Client, most of the time I feel that I am.