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Do you sometimes wonder what all the hard work and long hours are for? If so, these comments may sound all too familiar:

“I feel like I’m so busy working, I don’t have time to stop and consider what I’m aiming towards.”

“How can I be sure my investments are working as hard as I do?! Or as they might be?”

“How do I know how much money I need to be saving now to live comfortably in the future? How do I know when enough is enough?”

“When will I be able to get off the treadmill and focus on me and my family? When will I know the time is right to stop?”


Managing your life and money, not just your workload

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You may be so busy at work, you have very little spare time to step back and take stock of your life. This makes it hard to be sure you are capitalising on the money you’re accumulating at this stage of life, so that you can do all you hope to in retirement. You may be constantly writing business plans at work; objective setting, goal setting, looking at projections etc, but is that giving you time to consider the goals for your own life?

At Freedom Financial Planning we provide a sound framework for your finances, which helps to give a purpose as to why you are working so hard. We will help you check your own finances are on track to let you live the life you want to in retirement. If you’re not saving enough (and the figure is a lot more than you might expect it to be), you could find yourself with a shortfall in the future. So why not let us step in and have a closer look at the details.

Being too busy can cost you money

If being so busy all the time means that you’re not considering the outlook for your own personal financial situation, you could be losing out and not maximising your opportunities in these crucial years of ‘accumulation’. It is well worth just taking the time to meet with a professional financial planner to discuss your aims and objectives so they can make recommendations as appropriate. You then know your finances are in good hands but it frees up your time to concentrate on the things that matter to you.         

Being in control of your future

The key ingredient to be able to plan for the future is having a clear idea of how much money you will require. We can help you work this out as everyone’s circumstances and ambitions are different. We can then clearly show you if you are you ahead or behind your financial targets. You will then have some non-work based goals and objectives for a change, focused on you and your family.    

If you have investable assets of more than £300,000 read more about the Freedom Financial Planning Journey, call us now on 01663 747000 or email us to arrange a confidential discussion at our expense with your personal financial planner.

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