Help for Widows

In the Midst of Confusion…We Understand

Freedom financial offer help for WidowsWe fully appreciate the sense of loss, after the death of your husband or partner. Firstly, there’s the surreal experience of the funeral, and all the immediate arrangements. Then you face the inevitable confusion of managing that bundle of financial paperwork. Alone. The policies, the documents, the hotch-potch of investments, the jargon …

The financial fog surrounds you; and yet your future peace of mind rests so heavily upon your clarity of thinking!

It’s never a welcome task, at the best of times.
And now, more than at any time, ploughing through the morass of documents… merely adds to the weight of responsibility on your shoulders

Now is definitely NOT the time to make life-long financial decisions on your own!

Unravelling The Financial Bundle

freedom-finance-tax-effectiveFreedom Financial Planning has helped many widows unravel the confusing and pressing financial ‘bundle’, after the death of a loved one.
We are here as your Trusted Partner to help you:

  • Sort out vital claim forms and insurance policies;
  • Identify important documents and tax savings that need to be dealt with immediately;
  • Establish what can be left until later.

Liaising With Your Solicitor

freedom-finance-business-ownersWe will then work with your existing solicitor; or help you to find the right solicitor for you. Your personal Financial Planner, (Andy Nevett or Nick Heys), will then guide you through three simple steps:

  1. Check your wills are in order, and establish the executor
  2. Review your ‘bundle’ of documents and policies. A brief discussion is likely to save you time,
    stress and costly errors.
  3. Explore and clarify your pension options, and immediate actions needed.

Designing A Budget To Support Your Desired Future

freedom-finance-servicesFreedom Financial will help you clear the confusion and create a meaningful Financial Plan. Together, we’ll mark out the milestones to your Ideal Future. And we’ll help you articulate and answer those difficult financial questions that tend to surround family relationships. Security, peace of mind, increased hope for the future.

Contact Freedom Financial Planning now on 01663 747000 or email us to request a callback for a confidential meeting at our expense, all about you …

Freedom to choose…