Widowed or Single Again?

“When you’ve lost your Partner, the road to Financial Security is anything but clear, is it?”

freedom financial single againWe understand some of the deep emotions that you might be experiencing at this traumatic time in your life. Sadness, confusion, anger….. Sorting through the box of financial paperwork is not something that you really feel like doing, but you know there are some important documents you ought to deal with. Clearing the financial fog and guiding you through the detail is what we can help you with. So contact us to arrange a confidential meeting at our expense when you are ready;



Financial planning for widows
Help after a separation or divorce

We will help you rebuild your life, at your own pace

Traditional financial planning has tended to treat “money”–not people–as the client. Many Widows or Single Again Ladies, however, have concluded that life means more to them than bank balances and spreadsheet projections. Our approach to Financial Planning is all about you and what you really want, during the next phase of your life.

Your personal Financial Planner will hold your hand with the endless paperwork and details that need attending to. Although they seem irrelevant, some will be critical to you, your family and the life that you want to lead. Step by step your Freedom Financial Planner will help you to find a way to rebuild your confidence and your life.


We usually work together with your legal advisers

Your solicitors will contact Freedom Financial Planning at the earliest opportunity to:

  • Help to reassure you that your Financial Future can be protected
  • Help you to prioritise critical paperwork and financial planning issues
  • Help you to understand key pension and investment options so that your money can be used for the people and ideas most important to you


Financial planning for widows
Help after a separation or divorce

Take the first step

freedom-finance-understanding-existing-pensionsWe start with a mutual interest meeting at our expense to see how we can help you, with a personal conversation, in our confidential meeting room. Contact one of our specially trained planners on 01663 747000 to help clear the Financial Fog.

We normally work with Widows or Single Again Ladies who have £300,000 in assets other than the value of their property.

Contact Freedom Financial Planning now on 01663 747000 or email us to request a callback to arrange a confidential meeting at our expense, to find out more about how we can help you.


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