Financial Advice For Divorcees

Single Again after all those years after a separation or divorce? We provide financial advice for divorcees


“I am uncertain about what the future holds.”

“Being Single again brings money-related choices and pressures.”

“The legal wrangle of my divorce has left me drained and my finances are a minefield –
where do I go from here!”

Are these some of the emotions you have experienced?

divorce-financial-adviceWe understand that divorce inevitably throws life and financial plans you had for the future into chaos. After the emotional legal wrangles, it is easy to focus on the negative instead of concentrating on the real life aspirations you have for your future.

But we will help you turn the negatives into positives. First we will clear the financial fog of insurance policies, retirement pensions and investments and explain these to you in “plain English”. Then, using the Kinder Institute “Evoke” process, we will help you decide what is really important to you now, giving you divorce financial advice tailored to you.

You will be able to visualise the lifestyle you can and want to lead. By combining your financial cash flow plan with your life goals, you will have a clear idea of what the future holds. A set fee for the service, regular phone contact and an annual review meeting will give you control of your financial planning with new confidence.

We can help to answer some difficult questions such as:

  • Can I afford to live in my house?
  • Do I have adequate financial protection for my children should I die?
  • Will I have to adjust my spending now or in the future?
  • Am I in danger of running out of money?
  • What type of lifestyle can I lead?
  • Can I afford to put the children through private or further education?

Pre -Divorce

divorce-financial-adviceIf you are contemplating divorce we can look at whether a proposed divorce settlement will leave you in a financial position to retain the lifestyle you are used to living.

If there is a shortfall we can calculate what additional money is required in the form of a lump sum or regular payment to provide the desired lifestyle.

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