Business owners

Do some of these thoughts race through your head when you think about your life?

“My business is taking up all my time and attention. How can I delegate more effectively?”

“What’s my number? How much more money do I need now, for my future and for my family?”

What will my legacy be? What is my exit strategy?”


Take Control of Your Life and Money

Freedom finance affordable health insuranceThe problem with running a business is that it leaves you little time to plan your life…..and maximise the money that underpins your dreams. What Freedom Financial Planning does is help you create order, harmony and a meaningful future from the money your business is generating.

You have a robust three year rolling business plan, but have not had the time to sort out your own finances. If you’re spending too much money now and not saving enough, you could be storing up problems for your future!

Take Control of your time

freedom-financial-time-managementDo you find that you can spend 80% of your time and energy at work on issues that are in the bottom 20% of your priority list? We can help you step back and focus on how you want to spend your time, both at work and with your family. Finally your priorities will be given the time they deserve!

Take Control of your Future?

freedom-financial-clear-pictureTogether we can help you find what your Number is – the amount of money you need for the life you’re living now and the life you want in the future. It’s different for everyone!

We will check if you are you ahead or behind your financial targets. And we will give you a clear picture of what retirement looks like and how much it will cost. Freedom Financial Planning will help you define what you really want and stop you “treading water”.

If you have investable assets of more than £300,000 read more about the Freedom Financial Planning Journey, call us now on 01663 747000 or email us to arrange a confidential discussion at our expense with your personal financial planner.

Freedom to Choose…