Protecting your business

  • Could you really work with your business partner’s spouse?
  • Would your family be able to run your business effectively if you were not here?
  • Are your current arrangements adequate to protect you, your family and your business in the event of tragedy?

Freedom Financial shareholder protectionIf the answer is NO to any of these questions, contact the Freedom Financial Planning team for a discussion about properly protecting one of your most valuable assets. We can help you with these problems and ensure that you protect yourself now, before you start planning for your future. We can provide freedom from worry about these difficult issues in a cost effective way.

You have spent thousands of your valuable hours building up your fantastic business but a lot has changed since you first started out. It is a well known fact that most business ventures do not last for more than five years. So if you are still running a business is it with the same partners? If they were not here to help you tomorrow, have you got adequate cash to pay their dependants, and do your articles of association give you first option on buying their share?

We work with specialist solicitors, as appropriate, and you to ensure that your business protection plans are robust enough to cater for business changes in the future. But more importantly we ensure that you, your family and your business are protected in the event of tragedy?

Much as you respect the spouses of your business partners could you really work with them in the event of your fellow director’s untimely death or serious illness? This is reality for you and your successful business if your share protection arrangements are inadequate for you today!!!

Contact us for simple insurance and legal agreements as solutions to your problems. Whether you have a limited company or traditional partnership, we have cost effective solutions for you. Certainly cheaper and easier than running “cap in hand” to your bank manager to finance the payment to your business partner’s widow. Would your bank manager be willing to offer a loan to your business after it had lost one of its key partners?

Keyman Insurance

freedom-financial-critical-lifeWould your business suffer if key sales people, production, finance or administration managers were no longer able to work for you? Could you replace them and how long would it take to recruit good replacements? Keyman insurance is a simple and cost effective solution to protecting your business’s most important assets – its people! Keyman insurance is not as expensive as you think. In many instances you will be paying far more for your car insurance and that’s just to cover a piece of metal! Why not spend a few hundred pounds protecting your business from the loss of key people?

Independent Financial advice provided by Freedom Financial planning can offer you:

  • A review of your current Memorandum & Articles of Association to ensure that they do not conflict with any share agreements that you may have.
  • The most competitive insurance solutions, with the leading insurance companies, if additional cover is required.
  • The most comprehensive plans ensuring that you are covered for most critical illness and permanent total disability.
  • The most appropriate share purchase plan for you arranged so that the money is in the right hands at the right time in the event of a tragic claim.

Contact us now on 01663 747000 to discuss how to protect you your family and your business in a simple and cost-effective way.

Contact us on 01663 747000 to discuss how to protect you, your family and your business in a simple and cost effective way, or email us to request a callback.

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