Our Investing System

After years of research, testing, analysis and evaluation, we settled on an investment system which we are confident is the best possible solution for our clients. Unique in the marketplace, our system provides both the flexibility to adapt to individual goals and aims and the consistency to perform in every type of market condition. We think it represents one of the best financial advisory propositions out there and we know our existing clients think the same. Here’s how it works.


Your preferences, assessment and aims


During our initial discussions, we’ll talk to you about your financial goals, your attitude to risk and your current financial situation. We’ll then also talk to you about how we assess investments. We have nine criteria that we use here, which assess investments in a lot of different ways, giving them a score.


Sector assessment and fund matching


When we know where you’re heading, we’ll map out your investments for you based on choosing sectors and what we’ve learnt about you in step 1. Each fund in these sectors is scored against our nine criteria, so once we’ve decided where your money should go, our system will make sure your investment then goes into the best fund available.


Fund monitoring and alerts


If the score of a fund falls below the set thresholds, each month our system triggers an alert, letting us know that there is now a better place for your investments.


You receive a switch notice


If there is a better place for your investments, an automatic email is sent to you from us, inviting you to review and accept our recommendation for a replacement fund.


Agreement to switch


When you receive the email from us, simply click the appropriate button and we’ll make the change happen for you. Your money is now in a better place!


New funds monitored


Our system continues to monitor all of your existing investments to check that they are in the best possible situation, including the new fund we have just moved to. The cycle begins again!

Advantages of our Investing System

Constantly monitored

Unlike a traditional portfolio system, which might see your investments revisited quarterly, half-yearly or even annually, our system consistently looks at your investment funds. Switch recommendations are generated monthly.

Consistent assessment criteria

Our system takes the human element out of investing. Using reliable, consistent criteria, we assess the best investment funds based only on measurable metrics, rather than the tactical approach.

Keeping you fully updated

Switch notices and reviews keep you fully in the loop with your investments. You don’t need to feel as though you are waving your money goodbye!

‘Best in class’

Our system ensures that you will hold the best fund in any given sector (given your trade-off between maximum gain and volatility) and sell that fund before it falls too far. It simply is the best way to ensure you hold the ‘best in class’.

For rising and falling markets

Our system operates just as well in a rising market as in a market undergoing turbulence. In a rising market, your investments will always head to the fastest rising fund. In a falling market, your investments will abandon fast-falling funds for more protective offerings. This is all thanks to our constant assessment against the nine criteria.

Follow this video link to hear what our clients think about the process.

The performance of our investment process

The information opposite provides a summary of our past investment performance over the last fifteen years. The following portfolios have been compared:

  • Freedom Financial Planning Risk Profile 5 – Medium High Risk
  • Sector Average – Risk Profile 5
  • FTSE WMA Stock Market Balanced Risk Profile 5 (which illustrates the average performance of the Top Discretionary Fund Managers or the “tactical” approach !).

If you had invested £500,000 in January 2002 in Freedom FP Risk Profile 5 (Medium High Risk) compared to the Sector average you would have gained an extra 4% growth per annum. Over fifteen years this would have meant a difference of £868,565 to your investment growth.

Average annual growth rate %

Please note that these graphs contain past performance information, however past performance is not indicative of future results; prices can go up or down. This information should be used as the starting point in discussions with your Financial Planner to reach a decision on the investment strategy to be adopted in the construction of your portfolio. The charges assumed in the data are those for the standard retail class of the fund. They do not allow for any

Growth from starting point of £500,000 invested: Freedom FP vs Competitors

discount negotiated by the provider company, nor do they take into account provider charges. This data takes account of the effect of our charges on the investment performance. Our charges are 1.18% per annum. If all charges had been taken into account, the results would be different. For more information, please refer to the specific key features given to you.Source of performance data: Clever Adviser Technology Ltd.