Investment Management

How good are you at predicting the future?

When it comes to your portfolio of investments can you really expect to know whether an investment is going to rise or fall?

If a fund is rising at what point will it stop rising? Will it fall again and if so by how much and for how long? (Find out here why ‘buy and hold’ is the strategy of risk takers).

It’s a lot easier to delegate this responsibility to a financial adviser but how can you be sure they will do a better job than you?

At Freedom Financial Planning you will be delegating to more than just an adviser. Using the Freedom FP Investment Management process, as a  client, you can benefit from monthly monitoring of your investment portfolios.

This means that if the performance of an individual fund falls below a set criteria, you will receive an email inviting you to switch to an alternative fund. If everything is going well your monthly email will tell you no changes are recommended. The result – peace of mind your wealth is being managed even while you sleep.


If You Want Emotional Investment Management Choose Another Adviser

For some advisers, investment strategy is governed by what they see in the media and what they hear from representatives from investment management companies. How accurate is the media? Is there really time for your adviser to meet regularly with every investment product provider?

The adviser may question what they are seeing and decide to ‘hold just a little longer because it’s bound to recover’. When the adviser decides its worth switching from one investment fund to another when do they schedule the time to contact each of their one or two hundred clients and recommend switching? This month, next month, next year, that year, at all?

The result can be an investment portfolio that is not ideal for the client and is not maximising the potential of the funds invested.

The Freedom Approach To Portfolio Management – A Monthly Review of Your Portfolio

It’s simple, we don’t get emotional – we use systems to track performance, highlight any recommended changes and immediately advise you. All you need to do is confirm you are happy with our recommendation and we do the rest.

We advise you each month which funds to hold and what funds to change.

This leaves you confident that your hard earned money is safely working for you in the right investments – all of the time.

Here is what one of our clients recently told Nick Heys, Financial Planner

…“I got the monthly e-mails today, it’s good as I feel I have some involvement or control on what’s going on.”…     Mr Jim Phillips

You can read more about how we will manage your investments here.