How We Look After Your Investments

“ Tell a computer to sell or buy once certain criteria are met, and it will do so. If the majority of investors can be relied upon not to do so, because of their emotional fallibility, such a strategy will outperform the market.”

John Authers, Financial Times

Your money – you worked hard to earn it; we work hard to grow and protect it. This is how:

You have worked hard throughout your career and have accumulated wealth that you would like to see you comfortably through your later years and ultimately provide a legacy for your loved ones. As the years advance it’s likely you are more concerned about protecting your wealth rather than looking for ways to quickly multiply it.

Our portfolio management methodology is designed to protect your wealth and provide the best opportunity for growth within the criteria you set.

  1. Before we do anything we need to know how your current risk profile compares with your financial capacity to risk and your emotional capacity to risk. Simply put, how much can you afford to lose and how would it make you feel.
  2. From this we can work out how to allocate your money across diversified asset classes. The standard investment criteria states that diversification is an essential part of any investment process – we use 9 asset classes to achieve this aim .The CASS Business School London indicates that the optimal number of asset classes for a portfolio is between 8 and 10.
  3. Our technology selects the optimum fund for each asset class and then monitors them each and every month! (See here for why we don’t believe in ‘buy and hold’).
  4. If a fund no longer meets the threshold for performance set we recommend an alternative.
  5. You receive an email, text or letter suggesting the switch. If you agree you click one button and we do the rest. Simple!
  6. This gives you the agility to move from a fund that is coming off the boil and replace it with a rising star. The replacement fund is added to your portfolio and the monitoring continues.

If you would like to see how such a strategy could work for your investments please come in and see us.

If you have investable assets of more than £300,000 read more about the Freedom Financial Planning Journey, call us now on 01663 747000 or email us to arrange a confidential discussion at our expense with your personal financial planner.

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