Single Again: Suzanne Allen

Suzanne’s Struggle

Unfortunately Suzanne and her husband separated after the birth of their second daughter Lucy. After irreconcilable differences the couple later divorced and Suzanne was left to cope with bringing up her daughters and a full time career, as a marketing manager for a signage company.

Dealing with her financial planning was new to her as her ex-husband, an Accountant, had handled the family finances.

Reassurance that she could still give her daughters “the best”!

When Suzanne had finally finished the legal wrangle of her divorce she had little energy left to embark on sorting out her finances but she knew she had to! A solicitor had recommended Freedom Financial Planning and Suzanne went along to an initial meeting at their expense. Andy, an experienced Financial Planner, explained that Freedom Financial Planning could help ensure that Suzanne would never run out of money, she could stay in the family home and provide for the girls education in the future. Indeed this was something they did regularly for women after the trauma of a divorce.

In subsequent meetings, Andy explored practical ways to help Suzanne with her finances. They worked together on a Lifetime Cashflow plan which set out a budget and reassured Suzanne that she had enough money to replace her car when necessary, go on a family holiday and save for the girls’ university fees.

Defining what was now important in her new life…

Using the Kinder Institute “Evoke” process* Andy was able to help Suzanne start to adapt to her new life. Suzanne was guided through a tried and tested method of defining of what was now really important to her. She thought about what lifestyle she wanted to lead and made action plans to make it happen, such as joining a Sports Club to meet new people and taking her children on adventure holidays.

This gave her new vigour and energy for the future which had been drained from her during the acrimonious divorce. Suzanne was also relieved when Andy explained in “plain English” that her pension entitlements would mean she was on course for a comfortable retirement despite the split. By combining her financial plan with her life goals, Suzanne had a clear plan of where she was going.

A set fee for the service, regular phone contact and an annual review meeting gave her the know-how to take control of her financial planning with confidence.

“Andy helped me with a new understanding about my money and how I can use it for the things that are dear to me ”
– Suzanne Allen Marketing Manager.

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Freedom to choose…