Business Owner: Colin Jones

My problems and issues…

I run a successful distribution and warehousing business in Manchester who was struggling to juggle the demands on my time from my business and the wish to spend more time with my long-term partner who lived in the south.

Freedom Financial Planning had been managing my investment portfolio successfully but what difference did that make to my life now? In January 2010 I contacted Andy Nevett, Managing Director, to discuss these issues so I could “stop treading water” with my life…

Taking control of my business and my life!

Case_Study_-_Business-Owners-colinMy partner Sue and I met with Andy and he introduced us to the EVOKE Life Planning Process including the famous “Three Questions” to identify our ideas of a “dream” life together. He underpinned this with a detailed Lifetime cash-flow plan to confirm that this was possible. The vigour that Sue and I got from the meetings galvanised me into restructuring the business and delegating more of my day to day responsibilities. I was then able to release myself from the office and carry out more work remotely.

“However successful you may be in business making major changes in your life and planning your future can be much more difficult”.

Properties have been sold in Manchester and the home-counties and just nine months later we are about to rent a beautiful new home together to test living in a Warwickshire village. An amazing process, with regular phone contact and a robust financial plan gave me the know-how to take control of my life and balance the demands of family and a thriving business with confidence.

“After many years of talking about changing our stressful and frantic lives we still had not managed to make any headway. Talking to Andy Nevett was the first step on a journey to explore what was really important in our lives and to develop our own wish list of where we wanted to get to. Working with a company that has expertise in both financial and lifestyle planning was key to driving eighteen months of change in all aspects of our lives”.
Colin Jones – Distribution Services Business Owner

Take control of your Financial PlanningMake that first step and call Andy or Nick on 01663 747000 for an Initial Meeting at our expense, or email us to request a callback.


Freedom to choose…