Case Studies

Freedom financial planning works with a wide range of people in varying circumstances, read on below to discover how we offered comprehensive financial planning solutions for a successful business owner, a recently separated single mother and a widow.


Business Owner: Colin Jones

Colin runs a successful distribution and warehousing business in Manchester, he was struggling to make time to spend with his partner due to the demands from work so he approached us to get practical advice about how to take control of his life and balance the demands of family and a thriving business with confidence …

Find out how we helped Colin

Single again: Suzanne Allen

Suzanne and her husband separated after the birth of their second daughter Lucy. Following the divorce Suzanne was left to cope with bringing up her daughters and a full time career, dealing with her finances was new to her so she approached us for help and guidance in planning a future to provide for her and her daughters …

Find out how we helped Suzanne


Single Again: Mrs Shirley Simpson

Shirley’s husband Steve sadly contracted cancer and passed away at the age of 70. His untimely death meant that Shirley was left to cope with her grief and the confusion of her own financial planning. We helped ensure that Shirley would never run out of money and gave her new a vigour and energy for the future …

Find out how we helped Shirley

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